3000km on foot through nordic nature.

My push over the edge

Blessed was I who got a slap in the face when the matrix had its tight grip around me. I got the push I needed to take the leap of faith. In a time where my whole future was planned. I finally felt like I had a plan I could live with. A weird sensation of safety. It seemed like I had found «my» path trough society’s expectations and soon I would be enough. I would have a stable job, pay my taxes, contribute to the society. Discuss politics and vote. I would get a wife, two or three kids, a huge house, a nice car. I had it all figured out. My first step into this «perfect» life was getting into the Swedish university and one single letter was all it took to completely destroy my whole life plan. I did not get in. My first thought was «Next summer, I’ll be happy I didn’t get in». This was the push I needed. The push to go for something far bigger than I had ever imagined myself doing.

Starting my adventure

Six months later I was standing on Norway’s northernmost place (71 degrees north), Nordkapp. Without much experience I was standing in some of the most harsh climate and nature on the planet with my relatively new friend(Sondre), a backpack and skies. We were heading to the southernmost point of Norway which is somewhere between 2500-3000 km south from where we stood. A little scared, very excited and extremely free. It was mid winter and the challenges started from the first moment. As a Norwegian you might think that I was a natural pro on skies. This was not the case. When I was a kid I quickly found skies to be boring and stupid, and I started snowboarding instead. Well here I was twenty years later, skiing like Bambi over ice- and stone covered hills.

During our first weeks we met a lot of challenges indeed. Winds so strong we were unable to walk, getting lost, running out of gas for our kitchen and freezing almost constantly to mention a few. Getting out in these situations shed light on sides of me that I didn’t know existed. Both the physical and the mental strength, the bravery and feelings of gratitude and love. The extreme lifestyle gave my life contrast and my spectrum of feelings grew. We spent around 100 days in snow which included; A couple of frozen toes, a way too close encounter with an avalanche, close calls with massive storms, sleeping in a forest surrounded by bears, some nights at the hospital, being close to falling trough the ice of a lake and a mental breakdown. Luckily the price was well worth paying. The feeling of freedom, the incredible untouched nature, the stars and the northern lights, the expansion of feelings, the personal growth and the gratitude of being alive had never been bigger. After the hundred days of snow we went down from the mountains and continued the rest of our journey on foot. From the cold and snowy winter to a warm and colorful spring within a couple of days. The challenges started to fade and the days went by more or less pretty effortlessly. As two nomad hippies, crossing the mountains. I had adapted into the lifestyle completely. The days went by and as we crossed trough incredible nature, huge mountains, rivers, forests, swamps including the amazing wildlife. The classical Norwegian nature. The last few weeks my friend had suffered from a strain injury. We pushed his limits until one day he couldn’t walk because of the pain. After a talk with our doctor we concluded that we had to call it an end to prevent getting permanent damage. After walking for six months, our goal were only a week away when we quit. One might think that it must have sucked, but I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s the perfect reminder that its not about reaching your goals, its all about being in the process. The real value is in the process, and that is without doubt the feeling Im left with. The southernmost point of Norway was nothing but our direction trough the epic journey of my life changing realizations.


Have you ever been on a great adventure? Please expose your story and teachings in the comments below 🙂

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