How to make your panic attacks a blessing

What are panic attacks?

After being present in some very severe panic attacks, I’ve had the opportunity to analyze the situation from the outside. Seeing what’s going on, how people behave during and after. I’ve been with them and felt the increasing heartbeat, the sweat, the cold, seen the confusion in their eyes as it looks like they are experiencing a mental free fall. I’ve seen how people look when they truly believe they are about to die. A panic attack itself is not dangerous, so why do people believe they are about to die? My latest experienced gave me a lot of insight. It seems to me like an illusion we believe in is being challenged. Like if a part of the ground you’re standing on disappears underneath you. The fear of loosing ground becomes greater and greater as your perspective of life decreases. Suddenly all your focus, your energy and all your thoughts are trapped within a very small area. It becomes a total chaos. Our thoughts are desperate to get a hold on something as we’re being sucked through a tunnel of fears. I guess the triggers can vary a lot, but if you boil it down, I believe the outcome will always be the illusion of separation. Anxiety of being separate and not living up to everybody’s expectations. During this last panic attack, after I sitting with the person for half an hour to keep her as calm as possible. She suddenly came back, and she was thrilled. Her energy changed completely, from confusion to clarity. From separation to oneness. She ran around in laughter and excitement, filled with love. As if a dark energy were lifted of her shoulders for the first time in her life. It was a truly amazing experience to witness.

Another friend who had a panic attack so severe that even I thought he was dead for a few seconds. For him, this was the second panic attack in his life, unfortunately this was only the trigger that would give him daily panic attacks for some time after. After what he’s told, the experience of the panic attack was without any doubt the worst thing he had ever experienced, but at the same time, it gave him a lot of insight to his traumas and fears. During the last half year, he’s been working exceptionally good with his attacks. From a daily experience to a rare happening. The work he has done to get rid of his panic attacks are not only helping him overcoming this annoying occurrence, but his life has changed a lot as well. The insight he gained from this made him a new man. What seemed to be a curse, turned out to be a blessing.

The separation

When I see panic attacks, I see a separated spirit and mind, where the spirit is trying to communicate with it’s mind. The panic attacks can bring extremely valuable information about one’s psychological health. Many believe they are cursed with panic attacks, but it’s up to each and one of us to decide what we’ll make of it. If you try to ignore it, it will probably bother you for quite some time, but if you choose to explore them, they will bring you messages that will turn your life around to the better.

According to wikipedia, 3% of the population in Europe has a panic attack in a given year while in the United States they affect about 11%. More common in female than males and they often start during puberty or early adulthood.

Im not surprised to see how common panic attacks are, considering they are the side effect of anxiety which is widely spread in todays society. I wouldn’t be surprised if those numbers would rise over the next few years as we are being pushed to our limits. Our masculine energy is overdeveloped compared to our feminine energy. This unbalance is causing separation between mind and spirit. Trying to put words and numbers on what cannot be measured nor described. It is the birth of illusions and confusion.

I believe it is this unbalance that is causing the collective spiritual awakening. Our ways of logic thinking has brought us to a world of high tension, which needs a release. In order to change, we must all face the illusion. Letting our ego die to resurrect in alignment with our spirit. Embrace what you experience as a mental free fall and acknowledge that you are in fact not falling, but floating as a drop of water in the ocean of life.

As always, do not believe in anything that doesn’t seem like a truth to you.

If you have any thoughts or experiences on the subject I would love it if you exposed your enlightenment in the comments below! =D

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Peace and love to the whole family!


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