Anxiety – Why it’s a good thing

What is anxiety? 

What is anxiety and where does it come from? We cannot be anxious about the past, nor can we be anxious about the present moment. Anxiety is the fear of the future. One of the places in time no one has ever been to. It’s a about as irrational as the fear of hell. It’s a human created concept of alternative universes. Our intelligence may predict certain occurrences, but in a dynamic world of constantly moving energies, there will always be an unlimited amount of factors involved. Although science have provided a whole lot of answers the last century or so, and our knowledge is growing in an exponentially rate, we are still not any closer to understanding what the existence is all about. There will always be this huge X-factor involved. So we get anxious when we we’re using energy and time to pre-live in a non-existing alternative universe which frightens us. It seems so incredibly silly, but don’t worry, it’s completely normal and it’s not your fault. Most suffer from some degree anxiety, and it seems that we’re living in a society where cases of severe anxiety disorder are increasing rapidly.

Why do we  live this way? 

So why do we spend time living in this simulation of an alternative future, and why is it so frightening? No one is born with anxiety. We don’t see kids worrying about the future. It’s a result of our surroundings and environment. It’s about time we ask our selves “What do I want with my life?”. In the end, we just want to live a happy life, right? And yet, after 15 years of school, I can’t say I remember any lessons about how to achieve happiness or how to fulfill my dreams. I learned how to do work. Don’t get my wrong, I appreciate the knowledge I carry. I’m simply trying to emphasise that we’re born into a society which promotes efficiency and productivity. To be productive and efficient, we can’t waste time asking questions why we’re doing what we’re doing. The consequence of this is a overdeveloped masculine energy. The power of the masculine energy is to see logic and find efficient solutions. I believe in the importance of balance, and I think it’s the balance of feminine and masculine energies that makes our intuition strongest. When our intuition is strong, the decisions we make tend to have a positive impact on our life.

Who am I?

For as long as we have existed, we have asked the same question. “Who/what am I?”. Every question we ask is a root of the same tree. With a dominant masculine energy, we’re trying to answer these questions with our logic sense, which is impossible. Just as a root cannot look outwards to find what it is. It would have to feel in order to realize it’s not just a root, but a whole tree. Describing and measuring who and what we are creates separation of mind and spirit. It’s when the root compare itself to other roots of the same tree and believes in the illusion of being it’s length, width, height, shape, color, abilities, worth, health, and so on. When we are separated, the answer to who we are will never feel right. It’s what makes us compare ourselves to others, to find logic. It’s this illusion of separation which makes us anxious. Just as a root cannot see the tree above the ground, we cannot see the energy that connects us and make us all one. Believing we’re separate makes us insecure of who we are. If we do not know who we are, we do not know how we will deal with what’s coming. This makes us vulnerable, and that’s scary. The fear makes us try to prepare as good as possible for what might come. Creating a whole lot of different alternative universes and know what to do if either of them actually happen. This might be exceptional work in order to be efficient. Always being ready for what’s coming. So, as everything else, there is a positive, but seeing as the negative aspect is in fact keeping us from peace, I wouldn’t recommend it. As peace is an important ingredient in happiness. It’s when we’re free from the future we’re able to use our energy in being in the present moment where everything happens. It’s when we live in the present moment we create our life. It’s where the magic is.

Getting rid of anxiety 

You might look at your anxiety as a curse, but let me tell you; the anxiety is your soul, trying to communicate with your mind. It’s an invitation to once again reunite and become one. Free from separation. Dare to listen, dare to feel, dare to ask questions. Let your spirit guide you, and let your anxiety be your greatest blessing. Understanding your anxiety is understanding your peace and happiness.

Here’s a few ways to connect with your spirit: Be out in nature. Feel the grass tickle your feet, feel the bark scratching your palm, feel the rain washing your face, feel the wind blowing in your hair, feel the sun warming your skin, feel the fresh and clean air cleansing your lungs.

Another way is to meditate. Simply shift your focus inwards. Feel your breaths, scan your body from top to toe. Let go of thoughts and just be.

Lastly I would recommend using affirmations. Give your self a good hug once in a while and tell your self how awesome you are. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”. These might seem silly, but in the end, it’s our own opinion that matters, and hearing- and seeing ourself say these things actually do work. Say it enough times, and you’ll soon believe it. When you believe it, it is the truth.

Remember that distractions are nothing but delays. If you want to get rid of your anxiety, you can’t keep distracting yourself. Doing this might feel more comfortable, but it will never give you peace.

The only truth is the one you believe in. I’m sharing my beliefs, but that doesn’t mean they are yours. Be true to your feelings and believe only in what seems right to you.

If you have thoughts on the subject, please do expose your enlightenment in the comments below. =)

Do you know someone who you think should read this? Please share and let’s make a difference, together.

Stay connected, dear brothers and sisters!


7 thoughts on “Anxiety – Why it’s a good thing

  1. Thank you for your post! You have taught me about anxiety…


    1. Im glad to hear! =) Im simply sharing my thoughts. You’re the one teaching yourself.


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      1. Haha! I am glad I stumbled upon your post. Have a great day!

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  2. Thank you for your post coming from a person who has anxiety


    1. My pleasure! Hope it was of some help! 🙂

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