How to reconnect with your inner child

Life seen through the eyes of a kid

Not many of us enjoy life in such a joyful way as a child does. A life with an open heart, a curious mind and a free spirit. A life lived in the present moment. A few years ago I was working in a kindergarten. Observing the life of kids were truly amazing and they thought me a whole lot. After a while I realized that I gained more from hanging our with the kids than some of my friends. At the time, none of my friends where able to express their love(or feelings in general) as clearly as the kids, nor did they have curious mind and the drive to explore. The kids were almost constantly living in the moment, exposing themselves to the unlimited magic of the universe. Their amazing humor enabled them to laugh about almost anything. They really did bring out the best in me.

I find it a bit ironic that we spend so much time and energy into developing the “perfect” way to raise a child. There are so many “wrong’s” and “right’s” these days. All the rules, making parents unsure about their own ways and values. All we really want is to teach them how to achieve a good and happy life, while most of the time, I think it should be the other way around. No matter how and what we teach them, essentially its how we, as role models live our own life that gives them something to aim for. And generally speaking, the majority of us struggle with depression, anxiety, shame, greed, guilt, disappointments, pride or jealousy. We’re seeking for what we want outside ourselves, in the future or in the past. We do a lot of things right as well, Im simply trying to emphasis that there is a lot of suffering among grown-ups, and our struggles will be our children’s struggles. By observing kids I see that the way of a happy life is not complex, but rather simple, and it’s in our nature to live this way. It’s not about learning to live a happy life, its about clearing the blockages preventing us from being happy. We do not find love, we remove whats blocking us from love. We do not find peace, we remove whats blocking us from peace, we do not find enlightenment, we remove whats blocking us from enlightenment. We struggle to design our lives by controlling the external world, while it all happens within our internal world. Although we have a lot to contribute with to a child, I believe the key is in their hands. About three years ago I became an uncle for the first time which gave me a deeper insight in how a child affects its surroundings. The whole dynamics of our family completely changed. Like a magnet which pulls love, playfulness, curiosity, harmony and joy towards itself. I find it very fascinating how a child enable us to feel all these emotions so strongly. It seems as if our blockages are disappearing when he is near. I can imagine that there are some physiological og psychological changes happening when having or begin close to children, as they are dependent on us for their survival. This might contribute to what I’m observing, but I’ve seen similar behavior around grown-ups as well. It seems that some people have an energy which makes people around them blossom no matter what age. We too, as grown-ups find it easier to expose our true self when we feel safe and loved and its here we find our inner child. But this does not mean that we are reliable on others to do so. We’re our own blockages. Imagine a river filled with stones blocking the flow. Being with someone who strongly radiates love is like pouring huge amounts of water into the river, making the water flow above the stones rather than around. As we leave this person, the water will turn back to it’s original flow. For a more permanent solution we need to remove the stones. The process of removing the blockages are happening within as we start loving ourselves. The feeling of being safe can easily be achieved in certain environments, but this too is a feeling which is happening within. As we stop doubting ourselves and start to believe in ourselves we’re letting go of fears which expands our “safe-zones” until we ourselves are the greatest safe zone of them all. When we’re feeling loved and safe we tune into the present moment where all the magic and miracles happen, seeing the world through the eyes of a child again. We’re letting go of suffering and becoming better role models for the new generations. We have no problem understanding that we need to put our own oxygen mask on before helping our children, but why aren’t we seeing this in a general matter of living a happy life? Essentially its our ability to live a fulfilling life that teaches our kids to live a fulfilling life.

Reconnecting with our inner child

How can we bring back our somewhat lost inner child? I believe it has a lot to do with living in the present moment. What I mean by living in the present moment is letting go of worries of what might come and urges to change what has been. Speaking from my own experience, I realized that a lot of the time I was not present. I often had very subtle and discrete, maybe even unconscious thoughts of fear. Fear of being judged. They made me passive and kept me at a low frequency. As I began loving myself more I felt more safe as well. I didn’t feel the need for acceptance, because I accepted myself. It didn’t become clear to me how much I was living in the future, before I suddenly experienced a change of presence within. I tuned into the flow where everything happened smoothly. My frequency increased and life became even more exciting, as I now dared to just be in the moment where energies are flowing smoothly trough me without any blockages. Its if every blockage was a thought and every thought lasted for X seconds, adding time to how far away from the present moment I was. As I let go of the thoughts I felt more one and the same with what was instead of separate. I felt free. When we start loving ourselves its natural to let go of the need for acceptance. When we accept ourselves we’re also letting go of pride which is blocking us from curiosity, we’re letting go of shame which is keeping us from love- and compassion and we’re letting go of greed, guilt and jealousy which is keeping us from fulfillment. Loving yourself is letting go of anxiety as it is letting go of depression. We are our own experience which means that loving yourself is loving your experience, and there is no room for anxiety and depression in a room filled with love.

I realize that I make it sound very simple and easy, and in some ways it is or at least it can be. Our belief systems are like paths in a forest. As we start exploring, we’re learning where each path leads and we’re developing patterns in where we go in order to get where we want the best possible way. During our life things happen and these patterns might change. We might get scared walking through a cave or climbing over a mountain even though it would be the best route. The more we get of these “no go zones” the more time and energy we need to spend in order to get where we want. Lets say some bats scared you in a cave when you were a small kid. This might be traumatic and create massive fear of walking in caves again. Although its not dangerous it might seem impossible to comprehend. For each time we choose to walk an alternative route, the cave becomes more scary. The forest your walking around in is a part of yourself and the path towards loving yourself is daring to once again explore and love the beautiful nature within, even the darkest of caves. We’re all living in different forest with different experiences, but every forest is as beautiful as the next one. Believing that your forest is in any way worse than others is whats creating suffering.

Tend lovingly and carefully to the beautiful nature within and be free, explore and love its magic because it is without a doubt the most incredible place to be.

My truths are my truths, it does not mean it has to be yours. Believe only in what feels true to you. Im only sharing my thoughts.

If you have any stories, thoughts or questions about the subject, please expose your enlightenment in the comments below. =)

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