Love – It says it all.


What is love? The longer I walk on my spiritual path the brighter the light becomes. One day it became too bright for my sleepy eyes. I awoke, and I’m feeling more awake than ever before, but at the same time I realize I’m still in bed, having a whole world yet to discover. What’s become clear though is the vibration of the living. Being awake to me, is realizing the power of love. Since I first opened my eyes, love has always been a part of my experience, creating a pattern. The pattern of life.

For those of you who are new readers, my awakening happened after a six months long expedition on foot through the epic nature of Norway.(read more) A journey which gave me new perspectives on the way I lived my life. I got the opportunity to compare two completely different lifestyles. It wasn’t until I saw my life with new eyes I saw that nothing really made sense. The realization threw me into a depression. Within few months I understood I needed to make some changes. I was completely drained of energy, both physical and psychological. My answer was meditation, healthier food and yoga and soon I was back on track. Still confused about life as I felt I was twirling around in a washing machine, but without the resistance. I was open for new understandings. As soon as I opened up, the spiritual world came too me without any effort. And in this new way of living, it always seemed like love was an important factor. And as time went by the pattern became more clear. As if my eyes just needed some rubbing before I could see clearly and start my first day after a looong sleep.

Half a year ago I moved with one of my closest friends to a house up in the mountains of South Spain. We lived there for three months. In a big house, with a big plot, no jobs and total freedom we had the time and energy to do some good healing and keep diving deep. We spent a lot of time growing vegetables, doing yoga, meditation, hanging out in nature and chilling by the pool. As I had already understood, the importance of loving oneself, and I also understood why I should love myself, but during this period in Spain I acknowledged that only in theory did I love myself 100%. My feelings where not in harmony with my logic. It was hard to accept that I didn’t love myself, but at the same time it gave me guidance to how and where to keep working to improve my life. This discovery was one of the greatest I have ever had, if not the the greatest. From this point, every question I asked myself about my own behavior lead to the answers: “I did, out of love” or “I did, out of fear”. This realization felt like every puzzle boards I was doing were all just bricks of a much larger board. All together, I feel like I’m starting to see things clearly.


So, what I see is: Humans perceive life in polarities. In this polarity the most fundamental poles are; existing and the non existing. Dead and alive. Our strongest instinct is connected to death. It is the survival instinct, the fear of death. Our strongest reason to be alive is connected with love. It is the deepest and most profound motivation we have in life. With this I can draw a line between existing and love as well as from non existing to fear. Here I understand why love always wins in the end. Love is the vibration of life and fear is what keeps us on this vibration. This is why love always wins in the end. Because fear is essentially just a reaction to keep us alive and in love. Love is love and fear wants love.

A world out of balance

So if life is love, how come we live in a world of so much cruelty? So much fear and hate. Where is all this fear and hate coming from? The harmony in the polarity is weak. The yin and the yang is out of balance. We live in a world driven by number, letters, structures and systems. The masculine energy is overdeveloped compared to the feminine. Many of those with great power are disconnected with their feelings, almost completely driven by their logic sense. In a world where humans are numbers rather than souls. When looking outside of oneself its easy to understand that a president of a world-power is worth more than a man struggling for his survival. In fact, they are so far from each other that its hard to compare. When you are seeing other humans with this view, I can understand that the empathy is gone. Being so disconnect with your emotional life almost makes you a hybrid between a robot and human. In this polarity we can’t just shut of the bad feelings or the good feelings. If we block out negative emotions, we’re also blocking out the opposite, positive emotions. The more we block out the more dull and grey our life becomes. Burying our soul and our true self.

Disconnected from life

When we are disconnect with our emotions. When our feminine and masculine energies are out of balance we’re loosing touch with our intuition and we start to behave irrationally. Our ideas of love are getting irrational as well as our fears. In other words we start to behave irrationally. The way I see it the masculine energy have had a huge boost in its growth which made it a lot more dominant than the feminine. Our logic way of thinking is dominant compared to how we feel. As the logic sense is taking over we’re loosing touch with what true love is and so we’re looking for it in all the wrong places. When we not getting satisfied we’re getting greedy. The same happens to our fears. They’re getting irrational too. We do not just fear what threatens life, we fear the unknown future. We fear expressing feelings, we fear showing our true self, we fear not being good enough. All these fears are protecting us from feeling negative emotions, as well as they block out positive emotions. We’re getting disconnect with love which makes us depressed as well as anxious. Depression is connected with the past as well as it is connected with lack of love, while anxiety is connected with the future and fear.

As we grow up in a masculine society we never learn to see within. In order to reconnect, our soul tries to tell us what to do. Its making the past float up to the surface. We have to feel what we once suppressed. The more we’ve suppressed, the harder it gets to once again revisit the past. Its like taking a loan with interest. The longer you wait, the more you have to pay. Our disconnection makes us unsure of who we are which creates fears. This is why we often see anxiety and depression hand in hand. To me, depression is our irrational ideas of love while anxiety are irrational fears, and I believe a vast majority of us are drowning in them, but as long as we are able to live “normal” lives within the frames of the society there is no need to put a label on it. Telling the world we’re disconnected would be like exposing the matrix. To me its not either depression or its not depression. As soon as you get a little disconnected, a little part of you gets imprisoned by an illusion and this imprisonment is what I see as depression. What we call depression in todays society is a very severe disconnection. It’s when the soul does whatever it can to break free from its illusions.

Because we look for love in the wrong places we never find it, and we never feel content. When we’re not feeling content our logic sense tries to figure out why. Looking outwards for answers. We want to be better than those who we perceive as more content than us. Our fears and ideas of love are what determines what we do to place ourselves over. Some might try to drag the other one down, some might try to act more content. In some cases the difference is too big to challenge. When this happens we look up to them and try to be more like them. This is why celebrities often become role models, because we only see their good side.

When our behaviour is completely rational, we love ourselves 100%. When our logic sense and our feeling of life is in harmony. Our life is the reflection of ourself. When we’re tuning into the vibration of love, its all we see. The cosmic energy which is life. The oneness.

So in a world of unbalance, humanity as a whole is disconnected. We’re seeing more and more depression and anxiety. Just as in the physical world, when we’re waving our arms to restore our balance. The collective depression is our arms waving to prevent us from falling. What follows depression is often awakening, and as we awaken, we reconnect and we find balance within. Its important that we enhance the feminine energy as we try to let go of the dominant masculine energy. We need to spread the knowledge of the universe within ourselves. In order to spread balance to the world, its essential that we’re finding balance within first. So when I say spread the love, I mean spread the stable harmonious vibration of life. The only answer is love. We cannot fight the masculine energy with more masculine energy. This will only lead to a greater separation. We’re getting angry and frustrated over the world leaders, but I ask you to please forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing. We are in this together, we are all creators of the world we are living in. We must be the change we want to see in the world. As we reconnect, the energy of love will naturally spread and heal its surroundings.

So what is love? Love is the answer, love is the resolution, love is peace, balance and harmony.

Lots of love to you all!

If you have any thoughts or stories on the subject or some feedback to my writing, please expose your enlightenment below. =)

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