How to get rid of all suffering

The illusion of suffering

There is a lot of suffering in the world these days, and it seems like a lot of those who suffer feel like victims. As if the universe is making them suffer. In order to understand that this is not the case, it is important to understand what suffering really is and how it is created.

We perceive life as a duality where everything has an opposite. There is a whole universe outside ourselves, as there is within ourselves. We have the power of thought to navigate with as a boat sailing through the wast ocean of feelings in the infinite universe within. What we see in today’s society is that humans tend to live more in the outer universe. We’re pretty good at it too, the only problem is that we are equally bad at living in the inner universe. This is the reason why we see so much greed, anger, depression, anxiety, cruelty and so on. We’re simply disconnected with our feelings. Growing up in a society where we focus almost purely on the outer world, we never learn to navigate our sailboat properly. This leads to a lot of suppression, and when we suppress our feelings, we’re actually blocking a parts of ourselves. As we get hurt without dealing with our feelings properly, we unconsciously tell ourselves we can’t handle feelings like this, and so we give away our power of control to our ego. The ego doesn’t want to get hurt, so it creates fear in order for us to stay away from situations that might lead to those same feelings. When we block certain parts of ourself and give away power to the ego, we create a separation between our mind and spirit. A separated mind will see itself as one amongst all others in the physical world, and a separated spirit will feel itself separated from its mind, because we keep doing things that doesn’t feel right. This separation is only an illusion, caused by the unbalance we get when living primarily in the outer world, where the sailboat is born into a storm without learning to sail. The illusion of separation is the root to all suffering, as it is a product of unresolved feelings which makes us resist life.


The created fear makes us avoid certain situations. Paddling against the wind instead of sailing with the wind. We’re spending a lot of time and energy trying to force our boat in a different direction than what is intended for us. The wind is our direction, it is our path and it is who we are. So essentially we’re resisting our true self and this is why it hurts so much. Life will unavoidably put us through stormy days as well as windless days, and getting hurt is inevitable on our journey, but remaining within this pain is optional. We can choose to spend our energy paddling against the wind or we can spend our energy trying to get the most wind in our sails. When the separation gets big enough we’re being pulled out of the present, living mostly in the future or past. Resisting what is to come or resisting what has already happened. We have lost touch with our true self while at the same time we’ve distanced ourselves from the present moment where everything really happens. This is causing a lot of emotional suffering such as anxiety and depression which are roots to over-thinking, low self esteem, addictions, criminality, worries and so on. The list is endless. Emotional suffering is blocked energy which causes stress.(Read more) When energy is blocked and stress is created the emotional suffering becomes physical suffering. If the energy is blocked over longer periods of time we’ll see physical symptoms starting with laziness, clumsiness and headaches turning into overweight, high blood pressure, heart attacks, cancer and so on. This list is also endless.

All of this suffering, both physical and emotional is created by one simple action. Resistance. When we’re trying to push away something, the weight being forced on that object is equal to the weight being forced upon ourselves. Imagine you’re trying to push away a mountain with everything you’ve got. Even though your hands are put on the mountain, it is as if you are pushing yourself. Climbing the mountain would mean getting out of the comfort zone, taking a risk and getting exhausted, but it would at least get you somewhere. It will take you to new heights and provide amazing views. And the most important thing, you’ll feel alive doing so.

Know your fears

Even though suffering is optional and caused by an illusion we’ve put ourselves in, its important to understand that we were born into this. We can’t blame ourselves for suffering. We have always done what seemed like the best solution, we just never learned how to do things differently. In order to break free from suffering we need to reconnect with our emotions. When we’ve blocked feelings for a long time, we forget ever having them and our life might seem as if we’re connected even though we’re not. A good way to find out if you are connected with your emotions or not is to ask yourself what you’re afraid of. Are you afraid of expressing how you feel? Are you afraid of being in the spotlight? Are you afraid of taking chances? Are you afraid of being judged? Are you afraid of success? Afraid of failure? Not being good enough? All of these fears are incredible normal and every one of them are blocking us from feeling certain emotions. Next try to ask yourself if you think you’ll be able to reach your biggest dreams with these fears? Probably not. A happy and fulfilling life happens to those who dare to challenge and overcome their fears. Its hard being happy when you’re constantly pushing life away.

How to let go of suffering

So how do we break free? The answer is actually very simple, but it might seem very hard. We need to simply allow ourselves to feel again. Our ego wants us to stay in the comfort zone because it believes its protecting us, and in some way it is. But building walls of bricks around ourselves has its price, and its important that we ask ourselves if this is how we want to live. Do you want to spend your life isolated and separated in a house of bricks to remain safe? Letting go of our fears can seem impossible. No matter how much we want to let go, its like there is an invisible wall stopping us from getting past. Where this is the case, we have to be kind to ourselves and try making our goals smaller. One step at the time. Shift your focus inwards and be aware of how you feel as often as possible. Meditate, do yoga, be out in nature, express your feelings, challenge yourself. Along the way you’ll feel more and more connected to your true self as well as connected with everything that surrounds you. People, animals, plants, air, fire, water and so on. The less we resist, the lighter we feel. Once we start sailing with the wind, everything that is intended for us comes to us. Our passion, true love, freedom, peace and happiness.

All suffering is caused by resistance and it’s all healed with acceptance.

As always, never stick to something that doesn’t seem true to you. If you have any thoughts on the subject, please expose your enlightenment in the comments below.

Lots of love ❤

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