How to find your true path in life

Waking up

There is a big change happening in this world. The collective consciousness is increasing and more and more people are seeing the world differently. For a lot of people, the world seems to be broken, or at least on the breaking point. We are waking up, seeing all that is destructive and finding a way to contribute into making the world a better place. If you are seeing and feeling this than chances are you do not want to settle with a “normal life”. You’d want to break free, finding your own way while trying to make a change for the better. For some people their path is clear, but most who are experiencing this sudden shift are having trouble finding their true path.

The reason for this is that although humans are extremely adaptive, we still need some time to settle in. And suddenly waking up and seeing not only the world, but also our life differently takes some time getting used to. During this process we realize that life is so much more than we once thought. Understanding there is a lot more, but not really seeing or feeling what it is. As if we are trowing a rock down an old well. Its too dark too see, but we can hear the rock bounce back and forth until it finally hits the bottom. We know there is something down there, but we can only guess what it is. Transcending from sleep to awake may feel like getting thrown in a washing machine. Everything constantly changes in complete chaos. Questioning our knowledge and letting go of truths while letting in openness. Its when we dare to let go of what we thought we knew we make room for observing universe for what it really is. When we let go of defining, measuring and systematizing things, we start to feel and connect with our intuition.

Letting go of old self

Letting go of truths are hard, because they have been with us for so long that they have become a part of our identity. It may feel like our truths are who we are. We’re over seven billion people on this planet, with everyone having our own truths about life. We carry these truths for different reasons, but culture has a lot to do. Humans instinctively wants to fit in. When who we are, or pretend to be is based upon our family and friends we suppress our uniqueness and special powers in order to fit it. Before we can let go of our truths, we need to find them, and this is where we’re turning our suffering into our greatest guide. Suffering is equal to resistance (read more). Suffering is when we’re resisting reality, refusing to let go and accept. Once we find out when and why we suffer, we’re being guided into where we need to work. The suffering is basically nothing but our intuition screaming for attention, while we do everything we can to look away and suppress. Every negative emotion is an invitation for self improvement. Why do I feel this way? Why does it make me feel like this? Why, why, why. The question which let you dive deep within. Instead of using our words to answer, we need to use them to describe the feelings which emerge after we have asked the question and let the feelings be the answer. Feel first, think after.

Have courage

In the process of finding our path we have to visit our darkest places with an open heart. Asking ourselves questions that we fear the answer to. Challenge ourselves in doing things we fear. Diving deep within the long and dark well is the most frightening thing one can do. On our way down this well we have to conquer all our fears, but in return we get love. Its when we let go of our fears and truly follow what we love we are on our path. The deeper we go, the more true it becomes. Its a rough process and it takes a lot of courage. Sometimes it can feel like getting stuck in the twilight zone with one foot in each world. Feeling lonely, helpless, useless, worthless and so on. Whenever it gets hard, its important to know that we have awakened for a reason. Because we are strong enough, we have courage enough and because we are worthy. Embrace every process and trust that every process is equally important on our path towards a happy and fulfilling life.

I hope this text may clear things up for you. If you have any thoughts on the subject or simply some feedback, please feel free to expose your enlightenment in the comments below. Thanks!

Wishing you all the best of luck. Much love.

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