How to know if you are trapped in a matrix.

What is the matrix

First off, matrix is a word with many definitions and most might think of the movie The Matrix. So to make things clear I am writing about unknowingly living in an illusion which limits our true potential. When living in a matrix we live more or less like a robot, following the society’s structure or the crowd. A phenomenon we often refer to as the sheep mentality. When we are programmed or taught to live life in a certain way we’re closing the lid to our uniqueness and special powers. This might seem like a sci-fi concept, but lets dive a little deeper.

Human beings live in herds. Our chance of survival is massively increased when living amongst other humans. Because of this, we instinctively want to be a part of the herd which essentially means we want to fit in. Instincts are our primal, most basic foundation for our choices and they arise when our consciousness loses control. So the lower the consciousness, the stronger the instincts. Consciousness means one’s ability to be aware and respond to one’s surroundings. For a human to be highly conscious would mean to be both aware of its outer and inner world. Our awareness of what is happing outside of ourselves equal to how it affects what is inside of ourselves and the other way around. In other words, if we have a low consciousness we are only perceiving a fraction of what really is. If we only perceive a fraction, we are oblivious to everything else. Imagine if you were born deaf, living in a society where everybody else is deaf as well. What would sound be to you? One day you met someone who tried to explain the concept and claimed that he or she had the ability to hear. How would you react? Would you believe it to be true? If I were to tell you I can see auras, or I can heal people without even touching them, do you believe it to be true?

Its by nature easier not to believe in the things we cannot perceive, because we have no idea of how to relate to that which we cannot. This is why we always want to see the science behind things before we dare to believe in it. The urge to have a logical and scientific explanation for things before we believe in them is caused by a need for control. We seek control because we feel out of control. Science is a great tool, but it doesn’t necessarily tell the truth. The only truth we find in life, we find within ourselves. As the consciousness increases we’ll get more in touch with our inner truths as well as we’ll achieve a greater sense of control of what is within. At the same time we’re letting go of the urge to control what we can’t, such as the outer world.

So if we learn to be as aware of our internal world as our external world we would increase our consciousness and we would perceive what now is completely oblivious to us. Who knows what we’re missing? How do we know how conscious we are? To find out we need to analyze our behavior. In which degree are our instincts active? Are we aware of what we communicate, and if so, how much of it do we say to be accepted by others? Are we aware of what we want to communicate, but don’t? How much of it do we hold back because we want to be accepted? Are we afraid of showing who we truly are? Do we hold back in life? Are we afraid to fail? Are we afraid of success? Are we afraid of being judged? Afraid of being weird or different? Are we anxious? All of these fears are controlled by our survival instinct of fitting in. Having these fears are completely normal, but its important to understand that they are only limiting our true potential. They are keeping us trapped within the matrix, limiting us to only perceive a fraction of what life really is. The more dominant these fears are, the deeper we live within the matrix. These fears are blocking us from exploring who we really are because they are not letting us express our true self. We are giving away our freedom and control to the herd because fitting in might seem more important than being true to who we are. If we let these fears control us and we’re not knowing truly who we are we only see half the picture, and therefor our consciousness is limited. Once we get to know our inner world as well as the outer world we’re getting an increased understanding of how the universe works. We do this because we are not only seeing how things work on the outside, but we’re feeling how it affects us as well as how we affect it. In many ways is can feel like achieving a new sense or entering a new dimension.

Why get out of it?

Waking up from the matrix are often referred to as a spiritual awakening. The reason for this is that once we start looking inwards we start realizing that there is a lot more than we ever expected. When we live in the matrix we need to establish some sort of identity to stay sane. An identity is what we perceive ourselves to be. We use the insight we have in order to put words on what and who we are. Our identity is often a result of age, gender, interests, behavior, work and so on. (Read more). As we start looking within we find that there are simply something there which cannot be defined. We’re getting to know the abstract world. When understanding that we are more than what words can describe we also understand that there are parts of us that cannot be compared to others. There is a uniqueness to every one of us and within this uniqueness we find our special abilities and powers. We find our passion and our unconditional love for ourselves and others. With this understanding of who we are we also understand how we work, and by knowing how we work, it is also easier to understand how others work. This understanding makes our relations with others a lot easier. Living in the matrix is a life filled with stress. We’re often experiencing inner conflicts because we often do things we don’t really want to do. In addition to this we have all these fears which are causing not only mental stress but also physical stress (read more). The matrix gives us a sensation of safety, but it comes with a lot of struggle and suffering as well. When letting go of this we will find harmony, unconditional love, passion, success and meaning. Our motivation in life will be internal.

How do we get out of the matrix?

Seeing as the reason for the matrix is an unbalance between our way of perceiving outer and inner life, what we need to do is restore the balance. The most important thing to do is to start being mindful of what happens within. Essentially what we want to do is to overcome our fears. The fears we have not yet faced are our limitations in life. Fears are something created in a situation where we haven’t been able to handle our feelings properly. When this happens we suppress feelings and a trauma is created. When we do this we’re unconsciously telling ourselves that we are unable to handle these feelings. Suppressing feelings are the same as blocking our own energy. We’re blocking parts of who and what we are. In this process we’re giving away our conscious control to our ego. The ego is very primitive and all it wants is to keep us comfortable and safe. To do so it creates fears to keep us away from similar experiences. The bigger the trauma, the bigger the fears and for every time we listen to the fear it grows. The size of the trauma doesn’t necessarily depend on how dramatic it may seem, it is all about how the situation is perceived and what tools the person have to handle it. For a sensitive person the smallest thing can develop into a trauma. Seeing as we are all living mainly in the outer world, we never really learn to cope with our feelings which leads to a lot of traumas, generating a lot of fears, making us strive to survive, rather than to live. This means we study because its what everybody does, we work to earn money and we’re in relationships because we don’t want to be alone. Driven by the external motivation. There are two ways of overcoming fears and combined they work the most efficient. One of the methods takes time, but work equally on all fears while the other one is fast but more specific.

The first one is simply by shifting focus to the inner world and explore. Connecting with the abstract and getting to know our feelings. How, when, where do we feel? Whats left when thoughts are gone? What is perceiving the perceiver we call ourselves? Meditation and yoga is in many way the essence of getting to know the inner world. Many use plant medicines like ayahuasca and which in many ways can be seen as an intensifying of meditation. The process of exploring the inner world can be done at any time simply by being mindful of what we are doing. Being out in nature is an amazing way of calibrating the mind. As you practice inner awareness you’ll discover that you are so much more than you thought. The more you find of yourself the higher your consciousness you’ll achieve, and the increase in consciousness equals the decrease in fears.

The second method is to face your fears. Its called exposure therapy. When we listen to our fears we believe them to be rational, but when we start facing them we’ll experience that they’re irrational. For every time we do this we’re opening up our blocked energy and getting more in touch with our true self which again increases our consciousness. Getting to know our fears are the first step. If they have been controlling our lives for a long time, we might not even be aware of them. By being more mindful of what we do and how it makes us feel, our hidden fears will come to the surface. Question the purpose of the fear. Is it serving us in a good way or is it limiting us from doing what we want? When we truly see how irrational a fear can be, its easier to face it. An irrational fear can still seem like an invisible wall. We see that the wall serves no purpose, but because it has controlled us for so long, it might seem impossible to break the pattern anyway. The trick when this happens is to break it down to smaller pieces. If we’re afraid of the water, we don’t need to dive into it right away. One step at the time. Combine exposure therapy with inner exploration to make the whole process easier and faster.

As always. Im sharing my perspective and my truths, but that doesn’t mean it has to be your truth, so if you have any thoughts on the subject or comments, please share your enlightenment in the comments below.

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Thanks for tuning in. Much love to you all. Blessings.

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