Video – How to heal your anxiety

First I have to admit that the title might be a little misleading. If you have anxiety, its not the anxiety you want to heal. Anxiety is a form of emotional pain, and just like physical pain it is nothing but a signal trying to get your attention to our wound, so that you can take care of it and heal. It’s important to understand that anxiety is never the problem, its just a friendly reminder that you have some unresolved feelings. All anxiety is a result of suppressed or repressed feelings. What we call a trauma. If you chop of your hand, you wouldn’t just take painkillers and look the other way around. If you want to let go of the emotional pain, you have to tend to the wound. In order to do so, its important to listen to the anxiety. If we fear anxiety itself we’re giving it more power. A part of you is trying to heal, and anxiety is only trying to tell you where you have to look.


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