5 ways to increase your frequency

603aade13f3c4e618af76bbd816b26d3Our frequency is in other words our well being. It is related to our state of being as well as our physical energy. Everything is energy, and all energy is frequencies which basically means the universe is made of waves in all shapes and sizes, visible and invisible. Just as the waves in the ocean, they are all connected and they all effect each other. If we want to increase our own frequency it all starts with taking control of our own being. Using our consciousness to make choices which gives us more energy. In fact, in most cases, its more about getting rid of unnecessary energy drainers within ourselves.

So the first step is to take charge of our lives. Instead of letting our surroundings control us, its time we take control over ourselves. Here’s five important factors:

1. Stop wasting energy

We often try to control things we cannot. This is nothing but a waste of energy. So what are we in control of and what is out of our control? We have our own energy, and this energy we can control, but everything outside of ourselves is out of our control. We cannot control the waves in the water, but we can control how we interact with them. The same goes with all our surroundings. Its easy to feel tempted to try to make people do what we want them to do. Having expectations of our outer world. The universe will flow its natural flow, and there is nothing we can do about it, except controlling how we choose to work with the flow. We cannot choose how the outside world reacts to our actions, we can only choose how we want to react to its actions.

2. Controlling our own energy

A huge energy drainer is blockages in our own energy. Energies that gets stuck because we don’t express them. Imagine a river with water flowing freely without any obstacles. As we grow up, we experience traumas which are like huge rocks in our river. The more rocks we have the less flow in the river. Clearing out the river for rocks is an important job if we want more energy. A trauma is like a voice constantly screaming at us for our attention, although its can be very subtle they take a lot of energy.

The same goes for our daily situations. How good are we at expressing our true feelings? Its easy to let our feelings bottle up instead of expressing them. When fear keeps us in a leash we spend a lot of energy on our own resistance. If we’re conscious about our thoughts its easy to know whether or not we’re holding on to an energy. If our thoughts are running in a loop after a situation, its a symptom that we’re holding on to something that’s draining us. Expressing our feelings and being true to our energy is very important for a high frequency. Being conscious about our thoughts can reveal a lot about our current energy and what’s draining us.

3. Tune into the good vibes

Being critical to our surroundings. Are we spending time with people who drag us down or who lifts us up? What do we focus our energy on? What we give attention grows, so we must be careful about what we choose to give attention. Spending our energy on positive and uplifting things. Talk about uplifting things rather than negative things. In order to tune into high frequencies we have to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means being open. Letting go of our shields and let the universe see us as who we are enables the universe to give us what we want as well.

4. We become what we eat

What we eat matters. Our digestive system uses energy to digest food. Some foods are easy to digest while other foods takes more energy. It’s like investing energy. Some foods are energy cheap and has great value, while some foods are very energy expensive and has a low value. Some foods steal energy rather than provide energy. When it comes to food and nutrition its a big ocean of information and although I’ve been studying this for a long time, my knowledge is still proven wrong every other day. Because of this I don’t feel comfortable sharing my knowledge of nutrition, because I don’t want to contribute in spreading more false information. The best tip I can give you is to be conscious about how your food affects your energy. When it comes to my personal experiences, I’ve done a lot of diets the last few years and experimented a lot. What affected my energy the most(by far) was cutting out animal products. Especially meat, fish and egg. Refined sugar and gluten was also huge energy drainers.

5. Nature

Prana, also known as the life force or life energy. It is said that prana originates from the sun and connects the elements of the universe. Being out in nature is a great way of connecting to this energy. Taking deep breaths and really tuning into the moment can make the biggest difference. The energy of the nature is amazing at calibrating the mind, letting go of blockages and bad energies we’ve picked up during the day.

Most importantly, express your love and light. Be the energy you want to attract.

Blessings to you all, beautiful beings!

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