How to keep cool in a stressful environment

What is stress?

If we are to start at the very depth of stress we have to look at vibrations. Everything in this universe is made up of energy which is vibrations. Wavelengths and frequencies. When a frequency resonates with another it becomes stronger and remains harmonious. When a frequency dissociate with another we get friction and its power decreases. When we’re talking about stress we´re talking about dissonance, friction and resistance.

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When we experience stress, hormones are being released and sends signals of the perceived danger which sets off an automatic response. We call this response the fight-or-flight response, and it prepares all animals to either meet the challenge or to flee from it.  When the stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol are being released our heart rate increases as well as our breathing. Blood vessels are tightening and glucose(energy) is being released in our muscles. Our blood is being transferred from our digestive organs to our most important muscles. Cortisol is releasing glucose in our skeleton muscles(muscles responsible for movement) and liver so that the blood sugar rises. All of this happens within the blink of an eye to prepare us for the challenge. In an acute situation this works as an amazing superpower which in many cases save lives. In essence, stress is a created fear of the near future which enables us to do whats necessary in order to protects ourselves from getting hurt or killed. 

Why are we stressed out?

But if stress is a mechanism to help us in situations where we might get hurt or killed, then how come we experience stress a lot more frequently than these situations? 

The thing is, we’re born into a chaotic world. Why is it chaotic? Because we’re living in a society obsessed with efficiency and productivity. We’re constantly trying to get a little better than our neighbour. Somewhere along the way we lost touch with our feminine energy. The abstract and emotional sides of life. We’re too caught up in numbers, definitions, systems and the general logic- and masculine way of thinking. Our neighbours have become a threat rather than a fellow living being. When we live like this, we’re becoming very analytical, thoughtful and living more in the world outside of ourselves, rather than the one inside. This means we’re not learning how to cope with our emotions properly. We’re under tremendous amounts of pressure and we never quite learn to deal with this pressure. We have to face the fact that we’re not very good at dealing with our inner worlds. This often leaves us with unresolved energies. Unresolved energies from the past is what we call traumas.


There are two types of traumas. One of them takes away something which we can’t seem to let go of. When this happens, we resist what has already happened. We fail to accept the past. The other kind leave us with an energy we can’t seem to get rid of. The energy we’re left with is fear. Fear of getting into a similar situation again. We are resisting a possible, but in no way certain future. Whenever these traumas are triggered we experience some sort of resistance. Resistance is friction and friction is stress. 

This is what activates stress in us when we’re not threatened in any way. An unconscious part of us are reliving a situation where we got hurt. Emotionally or physically. For instance, if you experienced the feeling of not being good enough as a kid, this feeling could get stuck with you which makes you stressed out in every situation where you feel you’re not living up to everybody’s expectations. If you ever were exposed to an uncomfortable conflict which gave you a trauma, you will feel stressed every time you can feel a conflict. You might be too afraid to meet the conflict, so you remain in the stress of being annoyed, frustrated, sad or whatever feeling you experience. As mentioned earlier, we live in a society which focuses on efficiency and productivity. We’re being put in a world that expects a whole lot from us, which again puts a lot of pressure on us. The fight-or-flight response which is supposed to come and go very quickly, but what we see today is that people live under stress a large period of their day to day life. So how do we let go of all this stress? How do we manage to live in this stressful world with a peaceful mind?        

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So how do we sleep at peace when day is done? The first and very most important step is to realise why you should stress down. You need to actually understand that its not serving you a purpose. When we’re used to being stressed, a part of us will believe that the stress is necessary for us to maintain the “stable” life we’re currently living. To allow yourself to stress down may feel like loosing control. The fact is though, that trying to control the external world is impossible and it only create more stress. Everything is made of action-reaction. We cannot choose how our external world reacts to our actions, but we can choose how we react to the universes actions. We’re only in control of our own behaviour. This is probably the hardest obstacle to overcome. Letting go of the urge to control our external world. What we need to to is to change our focus and use our energy on the things we actually can control. We cannot control the weather, but we can control how we use our sails to move accordingly. We can be happy with nothing as well as we can be unhappy with everything. Spend your time on becoming a person who finds happiness within rather than outside.

Dealing with stress is a field where science more and more are exploring and confirming the benefits of old spiritual practices. There is a lot of published studies reporting the incredible effects of meditation, yoga and mindfulness. When we’re doing these practices we’re not only achieving a peaceful mind, but also a peaceful body. To do these things is to take control over your wellbeing and choosing to be relaxed rather than stressed. If we do nothing to stress down, the body believes it has a reason to be stressed. When we choose to relax, we’re telling our body that there is no real threat, and the body will listen. Be mindful and feel your body. Connect with your breath and tune into the present moment. The present moment has no room for stress. 

No matter what you suffer from, your suffering will always be your very best guide in your process of healing. Your suffering will tell you what triggers you, why it triggers you and how to let go of it. In this case, be mindful of what makes you feel stressed and why. Stress can be triggered by many things, and so the processes of healing are many as well. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 23.17.14Lets say you constantly trying to live up to others expectations. What can you do to let go of that stress factor? There are of course many roads to Rome, but your main problem in this case is that you’re either afraid of letting people down or you’re addicted to others confirmations that you’re good enough. In other words, you have stopped listening to yourself. Why isn’t your own confirmation good enough? Why do you feel like you have something to prove to others? You are stressing because you are looking for something only you can give to yourself. Its affecting both your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The time for change is now.


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Blessings, beautiful beings! Keep cool and chill.

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