How your beliefs create your reality

A belief is when a person thinks something is right with or without evidence to prove so. A belief system is a set of beliefs. When we hear something over and over, or we think something over and over it becomes our belief sooner or later. As we experience life we are soaking in new information. All of this information adds up and creates belief systems. Just as if we are collecting numbers and calculating the probability of our own reality as we go. These belief systems works as filters which everything we experience goes through. Imagine that you are putting together a big puzzle. Every piece of information is a piece. With the information you already have you can see if the next piece fits your puzzle or not. When a child learns that the cow makes the sound “mhooo”, the child then knows that when an animal says “voff”, its not a cow because it doesn’t fit the puzzle board of cows. As we grow up, these puzzle boards get a little more complicated though. In the world of grown-ups, the information out there is not so general. We disagree on almost everything. There are always someone arguing what you believe to be a truth which means we have conflicting belief systems. So who is right? Do you believe in the theory of evolution, christianity or something else? What is your belief, and what are you basing your belief on? Where did you get it from? Family, friends and our society surely plays a role, but then again, what is telling our society, family and fiends what to believe in? Media plays a tremendous role in controlling a society’s belief systems.

Lets look at how our belief systems really affect us. There is a belief behind every action we take. Every time we do something, its because we believe it to be the best solution in that situation. Maybe its not always the smartest thing to do, but somehow our believes always convince us of what and why to do the things we do. What this means is that our belief systems are essentially our motivation to do everything we do. So the reality we believe to be true, is the reality we are creating for ourselves. If we do not believe we are good enough to apply for “that job”, then thats how our reality will unfold. If we believe that humans are evil, then we will get paranoid and isolate ourselves, because it is the reality we are creating. It becomes the world we live in. We can only live in a world we believe to be true. Our beliefs determine how we perceive life. So what we base our beliefs on is essential for our wellbeing. It is therefore very important to be conscious of what we believe to be true. What we once called brainwashing we now call fake news and its surprisingly accepted. We are very aware of it, but we’re still watching it. Choosing for ourselves what is fake and what is not. We’re drowning in information, but what and who should we listen to? Everybody wants to promote their beliefs, and to make others believe it too. Since our beliefs are so essential for our lives, it easily become a part our identity. When we identify ourselves with our beliefs, it comes with the price of defending it when it is being challenged. When we’re defensive we’re not open to new information. We’re too focused on scouting for weak spots at our opponents. A big obstacle for growth.

fantasy-2421248-2So, how do we know if a belief system is sabotaging us? A very common conflicting belief system is people wanting money and success in their life, while at the same time they think badly of rich and successful people. We need to ask ourselves what kind of world we live in, and what kind of world we would like to live in. For example, I used to live in a world where the richest was in control, where the world was going under, where humanity was a disaster to this planet. People seemed stupid, ignorant and disconnected. My belief systems where influenced by news and conspiracy theories. After a while I saw that it was only making my life miserable and figured I had to do some changes.

I stopped spending energy and time on these things, and started spending my energy on positive and uplifting news. I connected with more likeminded people and over time my world completely changed. Now I live in a world where the individual itself has the power. Together we are saving the planet, and humanity is amazing. We’re doing the most incredible things and I’ve never seen any other animal express love as deeply as a human being. We’re living in a time where people are waking up, achieving incredible insight and deep connections. By being conscious about what I fed my mind with I was able to make small changes which changed my reality from very negative to very positive. It is not about ignoring the things that are happening in the world, but its about choosing which side to be on. It is to choose to live within the positivity of change rather then getting caught up in the negative aspects. For example, I used to get caught up in how we contaminate the planet. Now I see how we are coming together and the incredible things we do to solve the problem. Its two ways of seeing the same thing. One fills me with hope, motivation, connection and love. The other one fills me with the opposite. Guess which one does what?

The same goes for how we look at ourselves. Our perception of who we are are usually made upon calculations from the past. Feelings and thoughts. We create an identity which doesn’t have anything to do with who we are in the present moment. If we hang on to the belief that we are who we were yesterday, then how could we possibly be someone else today. As mentioned, we can only live in the world we believe to be true. So if the case is that we do not love ourselves, then what can we do to change our beliefs of who we are?

First of, we need to understand that our identity is far from any truth. We’re living in a dynamic universe where everything constantly changes. We are only who we choose to believe to be. As soon as our belief changes, we change with it. What is the cause of the identity we’ve created for ourselves? What can we do to change it or let go if it? What seems to be a universal law is that the more energy you give something, the greater it becomes. Use your energy wisely. Be with people who lifts you up rather than people who drags you down.self-confidence-2076792

Stay conscious of your belief systems, be critical to your beliefs, and if you ever find yourself getting defensive or aggressive in a conversation, dare to ask yourself why. When asking yourself who you are, dare to not have an answer. Embrace the nothingness, for it is what is left when our identity is gone that matters. Self love is not about loving our identity, its about not having one.

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