Video – How to create a beautiful reality

We can only live in a reality we believe to be true. There is a belief behind every action we take. Every time we do something, its because we believe it to be the best solution in that situation. Maybe its not always the smartest thing to do, but somehow our believes always convince us of what and why to do the things we do. What this means is that our belief systems are essentially our motivation to do everything we do. So the reality we believe to be true, is the reality we are creating for ourselves. If we do not believe we are good enough to apply for “that job”, then thats how our reality will unfold. If we believe that humans are evil, then we will get paranoid and isolate ourselves, because it is the reality we are creating. It becomes the world we live in. We can only live in a world we believe to be true. Our beliefs determine how we perceive life. So what we base our beliefs on is essential for our wellbeing. It is therefore very important to be conscious of what we believe to be true. What we once called brainwashing we now call fake news and its surprisingly accepted. We are very aware of it, but we’re still watching it. Choosing for ourselves what is fake and what is not. We’re drowning in information, but what and who should we listen to? Everybody wants to promote their beliefs, and to make others believe it too. Since our beliefs are so essential for our lives, it easily become a part our identity. When we identify ourselves with our beliefs, it comes with the price of defending it when it is being challenged. When we’re defensive we’re not open to new information. We’re too focused on scouting for weak spots at our opponents. A big obstacle for growth.

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